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Best Practices for Website Footer Design


Have you ever thought about the importance of your website’s footer? Surprisingly, many of us overlook this crucial component when designing our websites. Well, buckle up folks because today, we’re diving deep into the world of website footers. They might be at the bottom, but they hold the power to deliver a knockout punch to your website’s user experience.

Table of Contents

  1. The Importance of a Good Footer
  2. Essential Elements of a Footer
  3. Navigation and Accessibility
  4. Social Presence and Subscriptions
  5. SEO Optimization and Footer

A footer is like the underdog in a movie; often overlooked, but still very much integral to the storyline. You might wonder, “Why bother with a footer when I’ve got my killer content and dazzling design at the top?” Well, footers add a sense of completeness and balance to your site. They’re like the final note in a musical composition that brings it all together. They’re also a great place to put essential information— kind of like the pocket on your favorite pair of jeans, handy for storing all sorts of things!

Moreover, an effective footer is an opportunity to keep your visitors engaged. It’s like a second hello to your audience, a warm invitation to explore more of your website. Remember that time when you unexpectedly discovered a hidden gem in a book’s final pages? That’s precisely the surprise effect a well-designed footer can provide!

What makes a footer truly shine, you ask? Picture a footer as a treasure chest at the end of your website’s journey. It should contain a few key items to enhance the user experience. Firstly, it should have your contact information because nothing’s more frustrating than not being able to reach out when you need help, right?

Secondly, it should also include a sitemap or quick links to help visitors navigate your site like pros. Have you ever found yourself lost in a new city without a map? Not a great feeling, right? Well, a footer with a good navigation system is like a detailed map for your site’s visitors!

Navigation and Accessibility

Now that we’ve stressed the importance of footers and their essential elements, let’s talk about navigation. A good footer is like a traffic cop, directing your visitors where they need to go. Providing a secondary navigation system in your footer is like adding a helpful compass to a traveler’s backpack. A list of links to your main pages can guide visitors back to important sections, especially if they’ve scrolled all the way down.

Similarly, accessibility should never be neglected. Remember to use readable fonts, size, and appropriate contrast. Have you ever tried to read tiny text in a dimly lit room? Yeah, that’s not an experience you want to offer your visitors.

Social Presence and Subscriptions

So, you’ve nailed navigation and accessibility. What’s next? Well, if your website were a party, your social media links would be the party invitations. Including them in your footer encourages visitors to engage with your brand outside the confines of your site.

Moreover, consider adding a subscription form. You know how a good book leaves you craving more? That’s how you want your visitors to feel. A subscription form allows them to sign up for updates, ensuring they’ll be back for the next chapter in your brand’s story!

You might be thinking, “What does SEO have to do with my website’s footer?” Well, quite a bit, actually! A well-designed footer can contribute to SEO in a big way. By including keywords and internal links in your footer, you can give your website an SEO boost. Imagine it like dropping breadcrumbs for Google’s little search-engine birds to follow and find your site!


Well, folks, that was our journey into the world of footers. Remember, footers might be at the bottom, but they carry great weight in terms of user experience, accessibility, and SEO. Think about it like this: your website’s a cake, and the footer is the cherry on top. No cake feels complete without it, right?

And who better to whip up a stunning footer than the talented folks at Webnobby? At Webnobby, we believe in creating complete, engaging, and SEO-optimized websites that deliver a fantastic user experience from top to bottom. Get in touch with us today, and let’s add that cherry to your website cake!

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