The Dos and Don'ts of Video Marketing on YouTube

Fatimah Fallah

Digital Marketer

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The Dos and Don’ts of Video Marketing on YouTube


The world of video marketing is a bustling marketplace, full of potential customers ready to be wooed by your brand. Specifically, YouTube, with its 2 billion logged-in monthly users, offers a vast playground for marketers. But let’s not beat around the bush – it can be a jungle out there! Like a wilderness explorer, you need a reliable guide to navigate through this dense forest of opportunities. So, are you ready to delve into the thrilling world of YouTube video marketing? Let’s start the journey, shall we?

Table of Contents

  1. Do: Understand Your Audience
  2. Don’t: Neglect SEO
  3. Do: Keep It Consistent
  4. Don’t: Forget the Call-To-Action
  5. Do: Engage, Engage, Engage!

Do: Understand Your Audience

Understanding your audience is like tuning into a radio frequency. You need to dial into the right station to enjoy the music. In the same vein, knowing your audience’s preferences, their likes and dislikes, their pain points, and their aspirations, is paramount for success in video marketing. Get into their shoes, and see the world from their viewpoint. Conduct surveys, hold interactive sessions, dig into analytics – anything that helps you get a clearer picture of your audience. Remember, the more you know about them, the better content you can create.

How do you feel when someone really gets you? You connect with them instantly, right? That’s exactly what understanding your audience can do for your brand. It enables you to create content that resonates with your viewers, which in turn builds trust and loyalty towards your brand. Always remember, people buy from those they trust.

Don’t: Neglect SEO

Let’s be honest, folks. We’ve all fallen into the trap of thinking that SEO is just for written content, haven’t we? Guess what, it’s equally crucial for video content. Just as a store manager displays the most attractive products in the shop window, you should make sure your content is easy to find and appealing. How do you do that? By not ignoring SEO.

Think about the last time you searched for something on YouTube. The search results you saw were not a mere coincidence. They were based on YouTube’s algorithm, which takes into consideration factors such as the video title, description, tags, and more. So, make sure you optimize your video content with relevant keywords, a clear and engaging title, and an informative description. And hey, don’t forget about the tags!

Do: Keep It Consistent

Imagine you’re binge-watching a TV series, and suddenly the storyline changes out of nowhere. That’d be weird, wouldn’t it? Just like in your favorite TV series, consistency is key in video marketing. Be it the type of content, tone of voice, or posting schedule, maintaining consistency is vital to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Consistency also plays a crucial role in building your brand’s identity. It helps viewers recognize your brand across various platforms. So, keep the narrative coherent and the branding consistent. This way, your brand becomes memorable, leading to an increase in brand loyalty. Remember, inconsistency can be a quick turn-off for your viewers.

Don’t: Forget the Call-To-Action

Would you go to a party if you weren’t invited? Probably not. The same logic applies to your YouTube videos. If you want your viewers to take a certain action after watching your video, you need to invite them to do so. That’s where a compelling call-to-action (CTA) comes into play.

Whether it’s subscribing to your YouTube channel, visiting your website, or purchasing a product, make sure to include a clear CTA in your videos. Don’t shy away from directing your viewers on what to do next. Remember, a good CTA is like a tour guide. It leads the viewers on their journey, making it easy and enjoyable for them.

Do: Engage, Engage, Engage!

Communication is a two-way street. Simply creating and posting videos is not enough. Engaging with your viewers is crucial to build a dedicated community around your brand. This could be as simple as responding to comments or as elaborate as organizing live Q&A sessions. The goal is to make your viewers feel valued and heard.

Engagement also gives you direct feedback from your viewers. It helps you understand what’s working and what’s not. So, keep the conversation going. After all, who doesn’t love a good chat, right?


There you have it – a handy guide to the dos and don’ts of video marketing on YouTube. Mastering these tips can make a world of difference in your video marketing strategy. But remember, each brand is unique and so is its journey. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and learn from your experiences.

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